Android Car 專案 (The Android Car Project)

-- A Product-oriented Software/Hardware Co-Design Project –

描述/Description本專案初期為梁文耀博士於國立台北科大擔任專任教授時期帶領三位大學部學生(陳昱光陳至圓賴柏翰) 所開發的一個「基於Android具即時攝影能力的無線網路遠端遙控車 (An Android-based Remote Control Car with Wireless and Real-time Camera Capability)」作品. 雛型展示可參考底下圖片與連結. 該專案目前為安佐立內部研發項目之一, 以「完整性, 穩定度, 省電節能, 與高效率」為目標重新設計系統架構, 使其更適用於娛樂, 居家照護, 與智慧載具等應用之中. (This project is now under redesigning process in AndroLead Technology Co., Ltd., targeting at the goals of Function-completeness, Reliability, Energy-saving, and High Efficiency, for applications such as entertainment, home-care/surveillance, and Intelligent Vehicle, etc.)

緣起/Motivation透過改裝玩具車加入採用Android系統的嵌入式控制板以使其支援無線網路聯網控制與網路攝影機的能力並且自行設計馬達控制電路以驅動馬達. (This project was to embed an Android-enabled control board into the commodity remote control cars.)


    1. Android 應用開發架構與Android-Car專案介紹 / The System Architecture for Android Apps & Introduction to the Android-Car Project” in Document Download / 文件下載. 教育部4C電子聯盟夏令營演講 (A Talk in MOE 4C Consortium Summer Camp), 2012/07/02
    2. 錄影(Video) Android-Car專案介紹 / Introduction to the Android-Car ProjectTaipei Google Technical User Group (GTUG)  演說 (A talk in GTUG Taipei), 2012/08/15

Demo Videos on Youtube or FB. (點選可連結撥放展示影片)

Snapshot Photos

A Brief Introduction Movie

Demo Video: WAN Control

以手機監視路況並進行操控 / Remote Control by Phone


遙控車加裝攝影機 / Camera


支援畫面分享 / Sharing


Demo Video: LAN Control

Demo Video: TV Interview


Android 應用程式教學(國立台北科大資工系)作品展示 (Demo of Some Guided Android Applications developed by Students in NTUT CSIE)

下圖部分作品為梁老師於2010-2011國立台北科大資工系所開設的嵌入式系統與Android應用程式開發等課程中修課同學所開發的Android專題實作作品。該學年以推廣Android應用程式開發為主軸。完整資料(程式簡介, apk說明文件或視頻)請點選以下連結或圖

These Android Applications was developed by students who learned Android application development in Prof. William Liang's Embedded Systems and Android Application Development classes in National Taipei University of Technology, 2010-2011. For complete information, please refer to the following links.

Demo for 2010 Fall

Demo for 2010 Spring

Demo for 2011 Spring


(2011.12) !! 恭喜北科同學 王瀚宇&徐嘉 獲得遠傳星光大賞三冠王年度最佳遊戲最佳創意, 校園新秀特別獎!!

(2011.10) !! 恭喜北科同學 王瀚宇&徐嘉 獲得 Android 競賽 App Star 全國冠軍!!

(2011.10) 推薦學生作品: Android Game / Constant C (Android MarketFacebook) [團隊王瀚宇  其他數位同學]

(2011.10) 推薦學生作品: Android Utility / TopDraw (Facebook) [作者陳奕豪]

(2011.10) !! 本系同學參加2011 Android「五零」高手選秀活動的結 果出爐了!最後計有范瓊文、林明輝、蔡秉修、 舒一斌、張雄展、李玠錞、王嘉誠、林佑明、 柏廷、林憲良、柯杏11人決選時獲得前5 0名,得到仁寶、宏碁、和碩、華碩、聯發科技 等國內5家知名ICT廠商錄用資格,占入選比例高達11/50 :’)